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I’m Still Here 😉

Hi Everyone! I have been looking for design for a bit now with no. I have taken on other roles to make ends meet, but will continue to do design when work arrives. If you have any questions or want a quote and are wondering why I don’t have any recent design work this wouldContinue reading “I’m Still Here ;)”

Location Location!

I have recently moved and will be continuing to provide my online services. My production time may even be better now that my work space has improved. If you have any questions about my fees or services, please let me know. I’m fast to reply and always aim to please. Photography by Dave Rino &Continue reading “Location Location!”

A New Life

I have always had a keen eye for stunning old furniture that stands the tests of time. Now I find IKEA is the new normal standard of quality for some people. I personally have always loved repainting old pieces and bringing them back to life. Maria Hernandez does just that and with such a loveContinue reading “A New Life”

Local Talent

It seems more often then not, if you keep your eyes open you will find a talented artist or tradesman in your very neighborhood. I came across a lovely photographer in my area and was taken by her work. As it happens, she was looking for a designer for her business. I created some stunningContinue reading “Local Talent”

Animals are Joy!

My Services Make a Booking My Skills & Home How to Get Started As a person who has an affinity for animals I have always taken an interest in the animals we have closest to us such as our pets. I have worked with dogs and cats in various ways such as bog day careContinue reading “Animals are Joy!”

Restaurant Holiday Flyer

The Empanada Company is a great privately owned restaurant on the west end of Etobicoke, Ontario Canada. This client was asking for a holiday catering flyer. I took some time to get to know the company and their identity online and what would suit them best. Simple, clean and homey was their style. I reallyContinue reading “Restaurant Holiday Flyer”


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