Blaze’s CBD Treats: Packaging Design

After  finalizing the logo and colour selections on my last project I moved to creating a mockup for the the packaging. This is crucial to show the client what our concept will look like as a finished product. After working on all the parts of a product, it’s great to see it all together in all it’s glory and is a fun stage for the client


The packaging was to include some colour ques to indicate the flavor of the product and I suggested off center text to make it easier to see the flavors names on their displays after seeing the style of pop up (cardboard) displays they planned to use. Over all the colours I chose where to come across as friendly, cheerful with mostly primary colours.

I love doing a mockup for clients. I think it helps them see the plans all fall into place. Only when they get to hold the product in had is it more real. This was a great deal of fun for me and I look forward to more of these in the future.



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