I’m Still Here ;)

Hi Everyone! I have been looking for design for a bit now with no. I have taken on other roles to make ends meet, but will continue to do design when work arrives. If you have any questions or want a quote and are wondering why I don’t have any recent design work this wouldContinue reading “I’m Still Here ;)”


Blaze’s CBD Treats: Packaging Design

After  finalizing the logo and colour selections on my last project I moved to creating a mockup for the the packaging. This is crucial to show the client what our concept will look like as a finished product. After working on all the parts of a product, it’s great to see it all together inContinue reading “Blaze’s CBD Treats: Packaging Design”

My Resume

If you’re interested in looking at my resume and wondering about my skills and background, have a look below. If you’re interested in contacting me, please go to my Contact page or email me at: cherish.ireland@gmail.com

Vinyl Cover Design: Ben Howard – Every Kingdom

For this project I used existing imagery that the brand has utilized with some stock images and a digital painting of my own for the center of the vinyl record. I recreated the vector logo for the album production company. I wanted to capture the feelings that I went though as I listened to BenContinue reading “Vinyl Cover Design: Ben Howard – Every Kingdom”