Making Waves

The Shore Calls Me.

I will often get an idea in my head and need to see it though. I would call them pet projects I suppose. I admire the beauty of nature and the patterns found naturally occurring around us. I like the final product and loved playing the the movements and strokes. Enjoy!

MY Process

Below is one of the preliminary sketches after a few darts that I was working with before coming to the computer.

I hoped to make something symmetrical and self contained but break those rules here and there to create interest. I started with a few sketches and tracings for corrections and then made it vector and started to play with line weight and value and finally colour.

Rough Work
Colour Pallet
The Final Design

If you are looking for a logo design or just to ask some questions, contact me any time! I’m happy to provide a quote and you can find me on Fiverr for more pricing details.


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