Logo Icon Design: The Real Tool

TRT Logo


My Latest piece of design work was or a computer programmer in the GTA. He created a time saving program tool for his workplace and was looking to create a logo and icon design for it. This would include icons for actions that would apply, close/delete and refresh information within the program.

The name had been decided upon (The Real Tool) but the remainder was left to me.  I found that the soft and more organic looking designs were more appealing to the client. With some trial and error I was able to find a concept that scaled well. The range of size for icons is typically 256 x 256, 48 x 48, 32 x 32 or 16 x 16 pixels per inch. For this reason I tested and altered designs until it was easy to tell what the logo and icons where at all sizes.

I chose an energetic orange and black and white.  Each would show well on different background colours and offer versatility. I presented the concepts in the format you see below to show how to best utilize the colours. There is also a representation of each size typically used to help depict the scaling.


The client enjoyed the concept and reported it worked well in his program. I’m grateful for the experience and enjoyed revising things we see often in our day-to-day lives and making them my own!


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