Trying To Make An Impact

Illustration of a pinugin who dies from eating plastics


I have always had a passion for nature and animals. I’ve tried to educate myself on how we impact the planet. Now more than ever, I am faced with the daunting feeling that we have to make changes to our way of life to be able to keep living on this magical planet.

I made this illustration showing a penguin who died because it ate plastics and garbage. I want to be a warrior for the animals and the planet and this gave me that opportunity. Simply educating myself and others about how the oil industry, garbage and plastics are affecting our planet is a good start in my mind.

One person may not make a huge difference. I’ve decided to be a part of the solution and I hope others will too. There are a lot of great articles out there to educate ourselves on these topics. Here are a few I’ve liked from sources I trust.

Plastic Pollution Coalition Organization: 20 Ways to Stand Up and Stop Plastic Pollution Today

Oceana Organization: Top 5 Threats To Penguins – And What You Can Do About It

David Suzuki Foundation: Oil And Plastic Are Choking The Planet



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