A New Life

I have always had a keen eye for stunning old furniture that stands the tests of time. Now I find IKEA is the new normal standard of quality for some people. I personally have always loved repainting old pieces and bringing them back to life. Maria Hernandez does just that and with such a love for the craft and a creative touch. I was overjoyed to do some design work for her to help promote her business. Below you will see a custom business card design I did for her that featured several of her works and diverse style.

I thought I would capture her fun and colorful paintings with a peak at her range of styles. Some more trendy and stirring and others more traditional and classic.

Maria’s Painting Business: Two Front Designs

Maria presented many of skills she currently is providing for the London Ontario area and beyond. I created three cards for her to cover all the bases. She’s a refinishes furniture and Creative Artist who does prints and paintings.

Maria’s Furniture Business: Card Front (Top) Card Back (Bottom)

Maria had a great collection of photos of her work and I used some to feature her skills on the cards. I also created a catalog for her to highlight the different techniques and colours she uses typically, I’ll be posting that shortly. Going forward she will have a clear representation of all of her works and styles to sell to other clients.

I’ll leave a link to her online accounts so you can check out her work for yourself as well. Go send her some love if you like her work.


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