Vector Art & T-shirt Design

This was a lovely project. I was given the task of creating a vector illustration with the use of three colours. This was then to become a t-shirt design, I created the logo for the shirt company with a random name drawn from a hat. This was a lot of fun to do and I chose to create fun strong female characters with bold messages.

Aim High Dream Big Illustration
The Super Hero
The Space Warrior


The Company name was pulled from a hat and I was given Red Cyborgs. The idea of combining the eye of a Cyborg and the letter R was something I liked. I kept the design simple so it could be interpreted as a face and eye as well as a R.


just logo
Logo Design


After Creating the vector art and the logo I was to create a layout of how I could place the designs onto different shirts and play with placement.

Photo of Vector Shirt Layout
Showing all of the possible shirt layouts and the utilization of both vector illustrations

I was happy with the end result. I learned at a lot about vector illustrations and I’m pumped to learn more and see what else I can do.


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