Book Redesign & Building

I was given the task of choosing a book that I would redesign inside and out. This would include styling and formatting the entire body text. I often loved the book The Secret Garden as a Child and chose that novel to design.

I started with the illustration for the cover and created a digital painting that captured the wonder and beauty of the book.

Painting Mock up
Illustration mock up

After creating the image for the cover I created the entire design for the front and back cover of the book. and created a mock up to see what it would look like in real life.

secret garden mock up flat
Front and back cover design

I then went though and formatted what would be over 380 pages for the body of the novel and created interesting details for the chapter pages.

The pages margins fallow the Tschichold Canon page layout or the “Golden Harmony”


I then went into the sewing and binding of the book. I used traditional methods with cotton thread and wax and enjoyed every step of the process.

Sewing the signatures together
Gluing the spine

This gave me a peek at the world of book building. It didn’t turn out perfect but for my first book she is quite lovely! My Teacher had difficulty cutting the edges of the novel  and took too much off the bottom and it was never completed but I really enjoyed doing all of it.


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