New Horizons

Over the last month I have settled nicely into a new home in Toronto. Although moving is not the most fun I look forward to being close to the action of the Toronto design field. Any one looking for a designer in the Toronto area can feel free to contact me for work prospects ranging … More New Horizons

My Resume

If you’re interested in looking at my resume and wondering about my skills and background, have a look below. If you’re interested in contacting me, please go to my Contact page or email me at:

Brand Development for Jia Yuan Restaurant

A local Chinese Restaurant was opened in St.Catharines. I decided to visit and try the food and realized the new owner didn’t have a clear brand identity and was in need of new sign, menus, and business cards. The owner was a great client and I had a lovely time working with him to create his new branding. Here you can see the signage, menu, and several drafts and final design for the business card. … More Brand Development for Jia Yuan Restaurant

The Book Mouse

The Object of this work was to create an illustration based on a conversation overheard in a public place. The phrase I used was “He ate through that book so fast!” I overheard the conversation between two elderly ladies riding the bus. I fell in love with the little fellow.  

Word Mark

I’ve been trying to find a new way to brand myself, I’ve found that I’ve always been drawn to scripts. Though I rarely have an occasion to use them. So I created a word mark for myself using a script of my design. This is my first attempt at creating a script so I spent … More Word Mark

Vector Art & T-shirt Design

The name of the t-shirt company is Red Cyborgs and the logo was my creation. I was also to create two different designs for shirts, as well as a die line for packaging and the hang tag and wash tag designs.

The designs had o be vector, as well as only utilize 4 spot colour each. This posed a tricky situation for creating a full colour illustration but I found colours that would suit all my needs by varying the colour percentages.
More Vector Art & T-shirt Design

Horror Zine

This project was a small spread in a zine with a horror theme. The object was to create a story with minimal text and only utilize black and white. I began with some sketches, then moving to Photoshop to create the illustrations. I finished the project in InDesign, and set my copy. I’m happy with … More Horror Zine